Conservative Dentistry

It is the cleaning of dental caries and filling the formed cavity with a suitable filling material. Today, it is possible to make highly aesthetic and durable fillings with developing composites.

Conservative Dental Treatment Prices at Pera Dental Clinic

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Conservative dental treatment consists of treating the damage to the visible surface of the tooth. Within the scope of this treatment, problems such as dental caries are eliminated in line with the treatment plan determined by the dentist. Filling applications are most commonly performed within the scope of dental treatments such as this. Along with the developing technology, different developments are experienced in the field of dentistry. Today, special filling materials that have the same appearance as the real tooth both solve the problems of the patients and offer an aesthetic appearance.

Dental Caries Prevention Methods

Within the scope of conservative dentistry, the primary purpose of the dentist will be the prevention of caries. Regular examinations allow the signs of caries to be noticed and the necessary measures to be taken. In addition, recommendations that will change the lifestyle of patients are provided by dentists. Avoiding acidic beverages and smoking are among the methods that can prevent the formation of tooth decay. In case of tooth decay despite all the precautions taken, conservative dental treatment is applied.

Filling Applications with Conservative Dentistry

The most common applications of conservative treatments are dental fillings. Filling applications mean that the decay in the tooth is cleaned and repaired with an auxiliary filling material. During the treatment, amalgam filling treatment or composite filling treatment is applied. The choice of treatment method is determined after a detailed examination by the dentist.

Amalgam Filling Treatment

Amalgam fillings obtained from a mixture of different metals are preferred especially in the treatment of caries in the posterior teeth due to their strong structure. This filling material, which is easy and fast to apply, is used in people with mercury allergy due to the mercury material it contains. Compared to ceramic fillings, amalgam fillings offer a more durable structure. However, due to their dark appearance, they are not preferred for anterior teeth that need aesthetic filling treatment.

Composite Filling Treatment

Porcelain filling materials, which also offer an aesthetic appearance, are used within the scope of composite filling treatments. This filling treatment, also known as onlay or inlay treatment, is especially preferred for anterior teeth. Thanks to the special ceramic or composite material, the caries in the anterior teeth are treated aesthetically. Composite filling treatments take longer than amalgam filling treatments. It may take two or three sessions to complete the entire filling process.