Aesthetic Filling (Bonding)

It is a discomfort that occurs as a result of damage to the jawbone joint, chewing muscles and teeth as a result of the application of high force to each other while sleeping at night or during the day.

Aesthetic Filling Prices at Pera Dental Clinic

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Bonding treatment is one of the most frequently applied preventive dentistry procedures today. Bonding literally means sticking. Bonding treatment is applied by sticking aesthetic filling (composite filling) materials to the tooth without causing damage to the tooth. Bonding treatment is an easy and inexpensive cosmetic application.

Bonding treatment; It is a very successful method that is often used to close tooth gaps and repair broken teeth. Even in cases where half of your tooth is broken, bonding treatment can be successful. Apart from this, bonding treatment can be applied for the treatment of decayed teeth, correction of permanent discoloration problems, making the teeth appear longer, or correcting some deformities in the teeth and designing a new smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bonding treatment is a minimally invasive application; It is a method applied by sticking the material to the tooth without damaging the tooth. For this reason, we can say that bonding treatment is a tooth-preserving application.

No anesthesia is needed during the application.

Bonding system; it is the method used to close the spaces (diastema) between the teeth, the treatment of caries and broken teeth, permanent discoloration problems, the color and shape changes in teeth.

The most important feature is the short duration of treatment. The number of sessions is determined according to the procedure. One-tooth applications are a procedure that takes up to 1 hour of the patient.

The average life of bonding treatments varies between 5-10 years. Bad habits such as biting and crushing, nail-biting, and biting very hard objects can shorten the life of these aesthetic fillers.

The most important factor affecting the color change in bonding treatments is polishing. Successful polishing will prevent subsequent color changes. Consumption of foods that are heavily colored, such as cigarettes, tea, cola, coffee, etc., accelerates coloring. However, discoloration due to dental factors can be eliminated by simple polishing procedures.

Bonding treatment is generally more economical than other aesthetic procedures. The factors that determine the price - the material used and the number of teeth to be applied.

Bonding can be done to everyone, regardless to the age.

During first 48 hours after bonding, colored food and beverages should be avoided as much as possible to protect or minimize stains. Immediately used tea, coffee and smoking can cause staining of the bonding material. Routine oral care such as toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, interdental brush will be sufficient for the care of bonding treatments. Routine appointments with your doctor will increase the life of the bonding.

The filling materials used in the bonding treatment are high-end materials and have a wide range of color scales. It appears natural because the materials chosen for the color and structure of natural teeth.

Bonding treatments are generally performed in the anterior teeth since they are precision treatments for aesthetic purposes.