Dental prosthesis

It is a form of treatment in which fixed or removable prostheses are applied, by evaluating and determining details such as the number of teeth remaining in the mouth, the places where these teeth are located in the mouth, and the durability of the teeth for those with missing teeth.

Dental Prosthesis Prices at Pera Dental Clinic

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Dental Prosthesis Applications

You can have a healthy and natural smile with a dental prosthesis!

Prosthetic dental applications are planned by dentists according to the needs of the patients. At the planning stage, the patient`s existing teeth are taken into account. Accordingly, there are two types of application: full and partial dental prosthesis.

Types of Dental Prosthesis

After a detailed examination by the dentist, the patient`s prosthetic needs are determined. The prosthesis to be made to the teeth is in the form of full dentures or partial dentures. Partial dentures are also divided into two as hook dentures and snap dentures. Full denture application is preferred if the patient has lost all of his teeth. In partial dentures, dentures prepared using the patient`s own teeth are fixed. Snap-in dentures are generally preferred in patients who are not suitable for full dentures, but who have a large number of tooth loss. In cases where there is less tooth loss, hooked prostheses are applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest concern with prostheses is related to the play that can occur while eating. A prosthesis that is well made by specialist dentists is designed to adapt to the daily life of the patient. Thus, there are no restrictions on daily activities such as eating, talking or laughing. Thanks to the new developments in the field of dentistry, it is possible to design aesthetic prosthesis. Especially in full dentures, the front tooth can be designed with natural tooth-colored porcelain material. It can be caused by staining foods such as coffee, tea, cigarettes, red wine or sometimes sauce on its surface.

When using prostheses, care should be taken during the insertion and removal stages of the hook prosthesis type. In addition, since the teeth are sensitive, it is necessary to prevent them from falling and getting hit. The fact that the hooks are not damaged during the insertion and removal process allows the prosthesis to be used for a long time. In case of any damage to the prosthesis, repair can be performed.

The instructions provided by the dentist should be followed when cleaning both full and partial dentures. Denture cleaning is done with special ingredients instead of regular toothpaste. Proper cleaning of the prosthesis plays an important role in terms of long-term use.