Pediatric Dentistry

In pediatric dentistry, it includes oral examination, tooth extraction, filling, root canal treatment, fluoride application and fissure sealant treatments.

Pedodontics Prices at Pera Dental Polyclinic

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Pedodontics, also known as pediatric dentistry, is called the field covering children between the ages of 0-16. Since adult and child teeth have different structures, different treatments need to be arranged. For this reason, it is recommended that your child be examined regularly by a specialist dentist to protect their oral and dental health.

Pedodontics Examination

Within the scope of pedodontic examination, the protection of milk teeth and permanent teeth of children is ensured. This examination is recommended especially for the diagnosis and treatment of early baby caries, also known as bottle rot.

In addition to the treatment, preventive measures are also taken within the scope of pedodontic applications. In this way, the child's permanent teeth are supported to grow in a healthier and more aesthetic way. Since milk teeth are very important in childhood, it can become important to protect the health of your child`s milk teeth with regular examinations.

Pedodontic Treatments by Age Group

After the examination by the dentist, the most appropriate treatment is arranged according to the age group and dental development of the child. Since it covers a wide range such as 0-16 years, appropriate treatment planning is made for every age group. While the primary teeth are preserved in the first childhood, the structural defects in the teeth and jaw are eliminated with orthodontic treatments in later ages.

Root Canal Treatment

Children should visit the dentist regularly after their permanent teeth erupt, that is, at the age of 10-12 and beyond. Depending on the condition of the dental treatment and the nature of the child, child dental treatment is applied until the age of 16. In some cases, root canal treatment is also required for permanent teeth. A dental examination helps determine the most appropriate dental treatment for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Breastmilk, artificial milk or formula which has an important place in feeding of babies contains sugar as a natural content. In this period, sugar or honey is mixed into the food for better nutrition by the family. When the baby receives breast milk or a feeding bottle before sleeping at night, the nutrients accumulate in the mouth and remain there for a long time. Due to the sugar in the content, a suitable environment is prepared for dental caries resulting from prolonged contact. Therefore, care should be given to the oral hygiene of babies given the formula before sleep. The best measure to be taken is that babies should drink water before sleep.

Fissure is a small indentation and grooves on the chewing surface of molars.

These indentations where the caries are most common are caused by the fact that the toothbrush does not reach these areas.

As the tooth enamel is not fully mature when the teeth first comes info mouth, the newly erupted teeth are generally more susceptible to decay and are prone to decay formation. The fissure sealer is the process of covering the chewing surfaces of these molars with a fluid filler in order to prevent debris filling those grooves. In this way, the chewing face of the teeth can be easily brushed and the risk of decay is minimized. There is no harm or side effects. It is made only on the chewing surfaces of molars. Fissure sealants may break or fall under the chewing pressures over time. In this situation it can be done again.