Jaw Cyst Operation

Jaw cysts are fluid-filled cavities that develop at the tip of the tooth roots or develop anywhere in the jawbone without tooth origin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A dentist will rarely discover a dental cyst from a physical dental check-up, as they are generally not visible. Thankfully, today X-rays form a major part in dental check-ups, and this is where the dentist or surgeon will spot the presence of dental cysts, as they will show up as dark patches on the dental X-ray. A dentist may be able to determine the presence of a very large dental cyst simply by examining the mouth. However, as dental cysts take a long time to grow, this means the patient has left a long gap between check-up appointments.

Dental cysts are generally not infected but when they are, they become abscesses. An abscess in the mouth can occur either in a dental cyst or near to one. They often forms due to bacteria in the gum resulting from tooth decay. Small abscesses are usually treated with antibiotics, but large abscesses often require treatment by surgical extraction.

Dental cysts need to be removed or drained by a dentist. Unfortunately, dental cysts don’t go away on their own.

A very small dental cyst can often be successfully treated with the use of anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. The body may then absorb the cyst naturally, saving the patient from a dental cyst removal procedure.